Viqueens have four junior teams, two coed teams consisting of both boys and girls, and two all female teams. Fresh is a mixed junior and seniorteam for beginners.
If you begin in the fall, one must be 12 years old by the end of the year to be a junior. If you start in the spring semester, complete 13 by the end of the year.

Viqueens Incredible was the first junior team in the club, and is today all female junior elite team. The team has nine nationals championship gold medals and has done well in international competitions as well, including EM-gold 2010. The team consists of 22 enthusiastic girls and trained by Nathalie and Thea.

Viqueens Unique ble startet opp i 2008 og i 2009 fikk laget for første gang en gutt med på laget. Siden den gang har Unique vært klubbens junior coed elitelag, og vant både NM-gull og EM-gull i 2011.Laget består i år av 28 hardtjobbende jenter og gutter og trenes av Kristin og Lene.
Viqueens Unique was started in 2008 and in 2009 the first boy joined the team. Since then it has been the club’s junior coed elite team, and won both national and European gold medals in 2011. The team consists of 28 hard-working girls and boys and trained by Kristin and Lene.
Viqueens Rookies is a all female team made ​​up of beginners and those who have not been doing cheerleading for so long. Rookies focuses on learning the proper techniques in basic stunts and gymnastics. The team competes  in national competitions such as NM, Eiker Open and Summer Open. The team is trained by Ulrike and Martine FL
Picture is comming Viqueens Fresh is a mixed junior and seniorlag for beginners. On this team athletes learn all the basics so they can try one of the competitive teams later. The team was started in winter 2012 and coached by Tine and Line Marlén.