From the year you turn 16 years you’ll be a senior in cheerleading. Viqueens now has four seniorteamsand one mixed junior and seniorteam.
Viqueens have traditions in group stunt and has some Europes and the world’s leading group stunt groups. Group stunt is an additional branch for those who can never get enough of cheerleading.

Viqueens Spirit is the club’s first team and consists of girls ages 16 and up. The team is among the world’s best teams and took silver in Worlds 2011, and has a number of National and European championship gold.
The team consists of 26 girls and coached by Jeanette and Thea.

Viqueens Force’s is the senior coed elite team in Viqueens. The team was started in 2007, but competed under many different names before the fall of 2008 when it was called Force. The team has strong results both nationally and internationally, with gold in Euro 2009 and has never been beaten in national competition. The team is coached by Jeanette, Isabella and Marcus L.
Viqueens Heat was started in 2007 under the name of Teen Spirit, but changed his name to the Heat in autumn 2010. The team has recently experienced rapid development, and fighting in the top of the Norwegian teams. The team competes in nationalcompetitions such as Eiker Open, Nationals and Summer Open, and in December 2011 competed in Beach Cup Berlin, where they took the gold medal. The team is trained by Lotte Lotte C and B.
Viqueens Rush was started in 2010 and has since had a major development. The team consists of athletes with little experience and beginners. Rush is a coedteam that competes in national competitions such as Eiker Open, Nationals and Summer Open, and was in December 2011 in Beach Cup Berlin. the team trained by Pernille and Ole Ivar.

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Viqueens Fresh is a mixed junior and seniorlag for beginners. On this team athletes learn all the basics so they can try one of the competitive teams later. The team was started in winter 2012 and coached by Tine and Line Marlén.